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Pete Was Here… Have a Seat!

July 23, 2008

While in my mid-morning work break, I stopped by Decor8, one of my top five daily blog visits, especially recently while thinking of our new home come August.

Her recent post is about a very well-off single mom in New York’s East Village who has the viewpoint of my-children-intentionally-put-permanent-marker-to-this-very-expensive-couch-and-I-think-it’s-great.

I’m personally a little irked by the couch, considering we badly need one that doesn’t have spaghetti, coffee, cranberry juice or 9-year-old-little-girl urine on it. And, I’m not a mom, so I can’t know how I will feel about what my children will decorate or produce, nor how I’ll choose to spotlight it.

But, the obvious question that hasn’t been raised is, “Wouldn’t that get on the bottom of whomever will sit there?” How functional ARE this couch and chair? My Sunday best would become Tuesday’s worst.

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