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Weekend Update

August 2, 2008

This is one of the rare occasions that JD and I have woken up at 7am on a Saturday and stayed awake all day. We met the HVAC guy at our house bright and early, then went to Lowe’s, then continued shopping to take full advantage of Tennessee’s tax free weekend. Usually, Saturday mornings are spent slowly waking up, a large cup of coffee and catching up our paper reading. So today was quite different!

We’ll head to the house again soon to drop off a few things and let Lucy explore. I’ll try to post more pics soon.

In other news, someone cut our grass. We’re not sure how, when or why, but we like it. We will need to get a mower soon though.

Off to load the car and distract JD from the new big pack of baseball cards he’s sorting though (I caved!!).

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  1. Stu permalink
    August 5, 2008 6:26 pm

    “We” met the HVAC guy bright and early? How very dishonest of you.

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