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August 13, 2008

I went to my first Pilates class with my coworker Meghan yesterday. I have done yoga before, and I tried one Pilates video for two minutes a few years back. But this was intense.

My class involved a yoga mat (the borrowed one from Vanderbilt’s health club and a bit smelly), a stretch band (again, borrrowed and very smelly) and a large ring (borrowed and painful). The ring was ridiculous… you put it between your thighs, like a Suzanne Summers Thighmaster, and squeeze, while doing sit-ups, crunches and leg elevations. Basically, the ring = I-would-rather-roll-in-poison-ivy-than-finish-this-terrible-exercise. 

I survived after a good sweat and with minimal permanent injury. I’m definitely feeling it this morning, but it’s a good soreness.

I’ve also researched yoga mats that would only be covered in my sweat, and I found this great set on The “Send to a Friend” (ie: “Mom, Christmas? I love you!”) email link has been utilized. Wouldn’t they be pretty to squeeze that terrible ring on?

Or maybe it’ll just be gentle yoga for a while…

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  1. megstermeter permalink
    August 18, 2008 7:29 pm

    Hey Kate, guess what day Tuesday is???

    PILATES DAY!!!!!!!!


    don’t deny your love for the pilates…

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