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*HP & HBP!!!*

August 22, 2008

That was what was scribbled in my calendar on Friday, November 21. I couldn’t remember when I had written it and what it meant. If you know me, you understand that my calendar is very important to me. It goes with me everywhere and is a combination of both work and personal happenings.

I apparently was very excited about my abbreviated event, whatever it was. It was starred, had three (3!!!) exclamation points, and made an early appearance in my daytime calendar. Most things that far ahead are anniversaries, birthdays, or very-planned vacations. This was big.

But I didn’t know what it meant.

“Happy Pirthday and Happy Birthday Pirthday”?? … no way. My birthday was a few months later, and JD’s would have already passed.

“Hewlett Packard … something”? Nope. The next computer we buy will undoubtedly be a Mac.

“Hot Potato and Hot Baked Potato?” JD suggested. I knew I would never had written something like that about food in my calendar.

After three days of thinking about it, I knew that JD would know in three minutes. And he did:

“Harry Potter….” he started.

“… a the Half Blood Prince!” I exclaimed. What a happy moment!

I realized I had abbreviated it because if anyone saw the actual movie written out on my calendar — professional colleagues or close friends — I’d be mortified.

And, now, after all that wondering, the date of the movie premiere has been delayed until July! I’m crushed. I’ll have to stumble on the abbreviations once again, scribbled on my calendar way ahead of time. This time, I’ll just ask JD immediately.


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