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I miss film.

September 30, 2008

I’m ashamed to say that I have fallen into the trap that almost all digital camera users are prone to: not developing my pictures. I protested against getting a digital camera for years, claiming film cameras were of better quality and just generally superior. My film snobbery wore off when I spent too much money at Wolf Camera on terribly-shot photos that I could have just erased on a digital.

I got my (I should say “our” since this was a joint present to me and JD … but you know the truth) first digital camera this past Christmas. A couple months later, I told my very best friend Mary about my worries that I wouldn’t develop my film. She replied, “But you will. You’re one of those people who will keep up with that.”

It’s October, and I’m photo-less. I’m slightly devastated that I haven’t submitted them to be developed. My shots have only made it to Facebook, Picasa and emails to my mom. But, hopefully, this post will encourage me to develop my camera … after my trip to New York this weekend. Will someone please remind me to develop them after this weekend?

Here are some shots I’ll share with you until you have a chance to visit me and look through my albums (you know, the ones that you hold in your hands and physically flip through?).

This is back in the apartment over a month ago when Lucy refused to move from her warm spot when we were putting the newly-washed sheets on the bed.

Lucy, tucked in

Lucy, tucked in

91 and looking good, eh? Maw Maw and my uncle Dickie got to see our new house when evacuating from Gustav over Labor Day. We were still unpacking and had dinner on the card table, but it was nice to have them for a visit.

Maw Maw, Lu and me

Maw Maw, Lu and me

That’s right. We won 1st at Trivia, again. Here’s the picture of the thrice-winning team when we claimed our victory in July.

Trivia win, again.

Trivia win, again.

There are actually too many pictures of Lucy on my digital camera. But, what can I say? She’s so photogenic.
Life is hard.

Life is hard.

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  1. Lauren permalink
    October 7, 2008 9:39 am

    kate, i thought of you this morning! i could have taken the EXACT same picture of buster as i was attempting to make my bed :)

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