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The Joys of DirecTV

November 7, 2008

This fall has been quite busy with work, late-night events, and art class. So, most nights during the week, once I get home I just want to plop down and watch TV. This week alone I found two great shows that are exactly what I need after a long day.

The first is on the Discovery Channel and called “How It’s Made.” It seems to be an older show because I’m catching shows from 2002 and 2003 (so says my wonderful “Info” button with DirecTV). This informative show describes, obviously, how things are made without shots of a narrator. It is just a calming man’s voice with pictures of how yogurt, neon signs or book binding is made. It is much like my favorite skit from Sesame Street about crayon production.

The second show is on the Fine Living Network, entitled: “Whatever, Martha!” As much as I love Martha Stewart, this show is great because it features Martha’s daughter Alexis and her friend just flat-out making fun of Martha: the way she dresses, how easily she does crafts, and the funny things she says. It is hilarious. I think I would feel bad, only Martha is the executive producer, so I know she sees it as good fun.


Anyway, I encourage you to check out both!

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