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A Birthday Special

February 6, 2009

So, it’s my birthday, and to best illustrate something fun on my day, I am multi-tasking and am showing you something about me while fulfilling a “tagged” request from Charlotte.

Here’s my 4th picture of my 4th album in my Google Web Albums.


This picture tells quite a bit about me… I had just realized that I could not find my daily planner for 2009. It was the night of December 30, 2008, and I had completely moved over from my 2008 planner to my 2009 calendar. I had dumped the contents of my purse onto the carpet of the living room in a frantic freak-out. Seeing this now makes me laugh because I did find my calendar about an hour later (thus, why I took a picture of the insanity that had ensued), but that was the longest hour of my life!

So, I’ll try not to pull an Ally Sheedy in“The Breakfast Club” on you, but here are the contents and what they say about me:

  • Bottom right hand corner: deodorant. I always carry around deodorant. Always. I’m trying out Tom’s, the lavender scent.
  • Scattered: six pens and three highlighters! I was currently doing a work project that required a highlighter, but do I really need three?
  • Top middle: an umbrella. While in college, I was stuck after class without an umbrella and it would be pouring. Nashville weather is completely unpredictable.
  • Bottom left: green sheer baggie. Inside the bag were three screws for an antique Bentwood rocking chair that my dad gave me at Christmas. He included in the bag the exact sizes and shapes of the screws I was to get at Lowe’s to complete the chair configuration. Of course this is very important information that I chose to haphazardly store in my purse.
  • All over: gum… eight packs of gum! Can you find all eight?
  • Top middle: animal print camera case. This isn’t actually a camera case but it has been mine ever since I lost my original one at the beach in June. Long story.
  • Middle: headphones for the gym.
  • Right: my Hobo wallet. The best wallet ever.
  • Everywhere: cough drops and medicine. JD and I were both going through a heck of a head cold at the time.
  • Bottom middle, to the left of the Hobo: can you see it? (It spells relief.) Those are my new friends, Rolaids Soft Chews. I highly recommend them.
  • Also in the pile: a barrette, Lucy’s chew toy (not in my purse, but already on the ground), gift cards from Christmas, Crystal Light packets, anti-bacterial gel, lip gloss, ibuprofen, a note to myself, and a couple of random bags of I don’t even remember what now.

And, too bad, I’m not tagging anyone on this one!

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  1. Jessica Jaubert permalink
    February 6, 2009 10:28 am

    I could only find 7 packs of gum. I searched for 10 minutes….. where is the eighth one? Maybe Chris will find it later today.

  2. February 6, 2009 2:23 pm

    There are 8, I promise. There is one under the “Dad’s” cough drops, there are two on top of each other (under the orange you can see the blue edge), and there is one underneath the “Naturals” cough drops but it’s a fruity flavor and has an off-white box color. Did you count all of those?

  3. Stu permalink
    February 6, 2009 3:04 pm

    Long story.

    Do tell.

  4. February 8, 2009 4:40 pm

    Hey Kate!

    LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for your comment on mine. I think yours is quite wonderful…you have GREAT taste! :)

    Hope you and your hubby are enjoying this gorgeous weather.

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