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The New Wallpaper

February 17, 2009

I’ve seen a lot of “wall graphics” on Etsy and the blogs lately. Currently, I don’t have an opinion on them, because I think they could be (or already are… I’m a little behind the times) the new wallpaper and I’m still undecided on what  I think of wallpaper. But, there are some very creative Etsy shops out there dedicated to this new wall art.

OneUp Wall Graphics has some pretty great designs. They were the first shop that I noticed with these wall graphics, although today I see their site only has five graphics up for sale.



Lewa’s Designs are cool too. This shop has a lot to choose from.



Here’s SweetNothing’s shop.



And, finally, the shop that got me interested in the first place: Vital. Sadly, it looks like there is only one wall graphic for sale, but their images were always put in neat places, like this mushroom for your refrigerator! (Definitely check out their neat tees and bags.)


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