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Weekend House Party

February 26, 2009
I'm ready for you, guys.

I'm ready for you, guys.

For about six months, ever since JD and I bought our house, we have been anticipating this weekend. Why? Because 18 of our closest friends from Vanderbilt (hence the black and gold pom pom) are coming to visit and staying with us. We will have 15 people (excluding us) stay at our home.

You’d think I’d be stressed. Oh no. I’m delighted. And, excited. My detail-oriented, planning-every-minute, reliable self is elated. I’ve been coordinating this weekend for months! Weekends like this weirdly make me feel like I am best using the talents God gave me… and I love it! Not only am I so happy to see some of my best friends, but I love this kind of event planning.

Here are some of the details:

 Each friend who was renting a car received a packet of information on how to get from the airport to our house along with other good destinations.



 At the house, we have hung a “What Are You Looking For?”/FAQ sheet for such items as Advil, coffee, and the plunger.


Also on the fridge is a handy-dandy envelope, ready for our friends to make their contribution.


 Each bedroom is equipped with comfortable air mattresses. There will be no fewer than three people in each room.




 Each air mattress, that has been kindly donated to us, is labeled with a ribbon with the initials of the donater. This one is being graciously borrowed by Meghan.


We’ll have a full, fun weekend for sure. I’m pretty excited. Hopefully, the house will hold up!

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