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Streamers, the new way

March 23, 2009

While working at my job in Athens three years ago, I came into some fabric. (Yes, much like coming into some money, I excitedly received stacks and stacks of fabric swatches.) I knew these “books” of samples could provide opportunities, but for years, I had no idea what to do with them. Then recently I ran across a tutorial on making fun streamers — kind of like the plastic ones you see hanging around car dealerships — only with fabric. I just needed a festive occasion to make them.

When my gal pals Libby and Liz were having a joint birthday party this month, I knew I could test these streamers out. Here’s how I did it:



Different fabric scraps


Ribbon, about an inch wide

Glue (I chose matte medium)

Step One: Choose anywhere from 25-30 different fabric swatches. You’ll want a variety or at least a family of similar colors.


Step Two: Cut out a long triangle shape from fabric scrap. Mine were approximately 8 inches by 8 inches by 5 inches. Use that one piece as a template for the other 24-29 fabric swatches.

*Obsessive Compulsive Alert!* Do not spend a lot of time cutting these stinkers out…  It is not a big deal if the edges are jagged or the sides slant in a little. In the grand scheme of things, this will not matter, and it’s good to keep this in perspective while on your 22nd triangle! Don’t make cutting the bane of your existence.


Step Three: Uncoil your ribbon into a long straight line and place the triangles where you want them to be along the ribbon. I ended up leaving about a half inch to an inch of space between the triangles. (Isn’t my helper a sweetie?)



Step Four: I used matte medium, given to me by my momma, to glue these flags onto the ribbon. I applied the matte medium with a paintbrush to ensure I didn’t lather on too much. If you don’t have matte medium, I would recommend using this website to help you with all your attaching needs.



**Side note: As you can probably tell, I put down some scrap looseleaf paper below the ribbon and flags to guard my carpet from any glue mishaps. I don’t recommend this, and I liken this risk to painting your toenails on carpet… If I were smarter, I would have done this in my garage. Thankfully, no carpet was harmed in the making of this streamer.

Step Five: Let dry overnight, and hang! I think they were pretty — albeit subtle — decorations for the party. And, also a great backdrop for pictures! :)




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  1. M & D permalink
    March 25, 2009 7:16 pm

    Matte Medium! an artist’s acid-free panacea. that’s my girl. I’m so proud.


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