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Surprise… supplies!

March 25, 2009

Since I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately with my garden (and figuring out how to rid our yard of nasty purple dead nettles), I haven’t been updating Schmate as often as I like. I have lots of fun plans for April, so bear with me through the end of the month. The best is yet to come!

For now, since I posted last about a recent craft project, I want to share some places where you can find supplies to assist you with all of your creative ideas. Yes, we all know about Michael’s, Hobby Lobby (my personal favorite) and Martha Stewart’s new line of craft products (very pretty yet pricey for my tastes). But there are others! Here are a few I’ve found:

School Locker: This Etsy shop has buttons, ribbon, tags, tickets, threads, metal… all kinds of stuff! Today, there were just under 400 items for sale.




Every Jot and Tittle has a selection of paper tags and stickers. If you love to gift-wrap like I do, this is the place for you.



My favorite new find recently: Tape Swell. Oh, do I love this little shop! Tape! With designs on it! How great is this?





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