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Queen Anne’s Lace… so pretty!

April 21, 2009

 my QAE on my desk

This beautiful pair is what I get to see every day at work this week. Graham and Claire brought flowers to thank me for the beer-hosting party on Saturday, and within the bouquet were three Queen Anne’s Lace (among roses, daisies and sunflowers). They are stunning flowers. I’m glad to have them nearby, where I do much less stunning work.

I did a quick Etsy search on Queen Anne’s Lace and found a beautiful selection of products centered around the flower. Here are my favorites:

Uzura’s Hemp Gathered Bag for $50


GallardoWorks shop’s QAL Thank You Card (set of 2) $3


LottaHelleberg’s QAL towel is $24.


The Snuggery’s QAL Pillow, $30


Red Prairie Press’s QAL scarf, $18


Last one! … Euphorian Chic Art & Design’s Bird Illustration Print, $18


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  1. Jessica permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:25 am

    You have to stop posting so many great things! I want that scarf….Etsy is the devil! :)

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