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All will be well.

April 27, 2009

All the cars running fast along the interstate

Can feel the love that radiates

Illuminating what I know is true,

All will be well.

*       *       *

You can ask me how but only time will tell.

-Gabe Dixon Band, “All Will Be Well”

I’m back and now the proud owner of fifty vintage hankerchiefs and scarves, my Maw Maw’s wedding ring, and a new appreciation for funerals.

I won’t go into everything because the weekend was pretty intense, but I’ll give you some highlights:

  • Peach, yellow and white flowers look amazing with a blue coffin.
  • Mrs. Shy-Neighbor-Who-Never-Speaks came to the visitation: “I didn’t know your Maw Maw, but I heard she was a nice lady.”
  • Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Caroline” and Stephen Still’s “Love the One You’re With” have healing powers. Those guys are perfect for the flight home.
  • You thought you knew how much you loved your husband… until he is by your side at a funeral.
  • At the cemetery, it was so hot and humid. The air was really, really stagnant. (I mean, it’s Louisiana. I expect these things.) Then, for a good ten seconds, a huge gust of wind blew through the tent during the final blessing of the coffin. It was wonderful.

I will share more with pictures throughout the month, but I’m glad to have a forum on which to share these big events. Thanks for reading.

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