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Friday Feast: Aunt Fan’s Layer Dip

May 15, 2009

With Memorial Day get-togethers right around the corner, now is a great time to tell you how to make my aunt Fan’s Seven Layer Dip… a must for sports-viewing parties, days off, and parties with friends. It’s easy and very yummy.

Fan’s Seven Layer Dip

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Clean time: 5 minutes

dip ingredients

Since the ingredients pretty much direct the recipe, here’s both!

Recipe and Ingredients (Purchasing all of the ingredients is actually the hardest part about this recipe!)

In a large flat bowl, begin the layers!

Layer 1: one can of refried beans and one regular-sized jar of salsa, mixed together.

Layer 2: one carton of guacamole. (You’ll have to dollop the guacamole and gently smooth it out, as displayed below.)


 Layer 3: Mix together a cup of mayo, a cup of sour cream and a packet of taco seasoning. Smooth it on top of the guac.


Layer 4: black olives! A medium sized can of sliced black olives will do the trick.

Layer 5: green onions. (If you’re serving this to someone you’re interested in, the green onions are probably not the best for your breath. But, if you’re married, what the hay! Just throw them on!)


Layer 6: cheese. A nice layer of shredded cheddar will make a nice topping. Not too much though!

layer dip, yum!

Layer 7: diced tomatoes. I don’t include layer 7 since JD doesn’t like tomatoes. (I know! He’s so spoiled.)

Ready to serve! (But, if you don’t put it out right away, definitely put it in the refrigerator because of the mayo.)

I serve this with tortilla chips because they can hold all the layers. Enjoy!


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