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Being green in the dryer

May 18, 2009

It wasn’t until college that I discoved the wonders of dryer sheets. I loved them! They really made my clothes smell like fresh rain and feel snuggly smooth. In the past year, though, I finally pinpointed my morning sneeze-fits to dryer sheets. The week I stopped putting them in the laundry, my sneezing was gone.

So, this Christmas, I found the perfect alternative: dryer balls! They made my clothes feel soft without giving me harsh smells to tickle my nose. The balls were also great at releasing wrinkles and minimizing dryer time, which is a big plus for our utility bills.

These dryer balls ($18) from Gaiam are great! I have them in my dryer and they work well. Most of our family got them for Christmas… they were perfect gifts. (Target also sells them, but for a dollar more!)

gaiam dryer balls

And, of course I looked on Etsy! I found these natural wool dryer ball packs from bksoapco’s Etsy shop. They are only $14.95 and kind of cute!


And these from PlumsPudding are $11 for three.

marsh plum

I love how practical and unique these are to give as gifts and for personal use.

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