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How To, Schmow To!

May 26, 2009

Ever since we bought our house under a year ago, I discovered a new interest: domesticity (how to clean certain things, how to organize spaces, how to decorate, how to make repairs). Recently, I have found a few websites that have been very helpful and motivating for our house’s upkeep.

How to Clean Stuff…. Why, yes, I did want to know the best way to clean grout. My favorite tip from perusing this site: use Rain-X on your shower walls (not shower floor!) to keep it from molding.

How to Get Rid of Stuff… From old magazines to ants, hiccups to gum in your carpet, this is a quick site to check before just spraying willy-nilly toward the wasp flying around at noon. Ahem.

Modern Eve… My gal pal Margaret introduced me to this blog, but it’s still new to me. The “about” page explains that the blog “includes recipes, crafts, organizational tips, fabulous product finds, decoration inspiration, marriage encouragement” and personal experiences. Sounds like someone I’d be friends with!

Unclutter… Um, yes, please. I love this blog so much that I subscribe to it in my Google Reader. It’s so helpful that the best magazine in the world quoted it in a recent article. Organization, storage, DIY projects, and a little humor… I couldn’t ask for anything more. A small beef with them though: they consistently tell folks to scan paper items to get rid of the clutter… I don’t think I’m there yet.

I’ll let you know if I find more. But, this is a great starting off point for any idea you’re not sure how to tackle. Interestingly, none of these sites had a whole info on sawing off gutter downspouts….


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