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Sunglasses Holder Craft Project

May 28, 2009

This Memorial Day was a “staycation” for me and JD, so I used the extra time to complete a project. I recently bought some cheap red sunglasses, but they are too big to fit in the sunglasses compartment in my car. As most of you know, I’m quite the careless klutz with my possessions, so I wanted to buy a sunglasses case to protect this important one. Then, I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to make an owl-themed felt case. (The tutorial and pattern are by Amy Cluck and can be found here.) I loved it!

retro owl sunglass case

Unfortunately, when I looked through my craft boxes this weekend, I could only find pink felt. Since leaving the house to get more felt meant I would have to change out of my yoga pants, I decided to settle for what I had and make some adjustments.

So, I spread out some ideas on our kitchen table, and with Amy’s patterns as a guide, I dove right in.


First adjustment: I doubled up the felt. Again, I am clumsy, so I knew one layer of thin felt wasn’t going to get it done. So, when Amy said cut two rectangles, I cut four.

Second (big) adjustment: I didn’t make my owl-themed case into an owl. I found a brown plaid fabric that I liked and started cutting out polka dots. Once I started cutting, things just started developing…



Third adjustment: I sewed two buttons onto the case instead of just one. I liked the boxy shape of the top flap, so two snaps seemed more logical.  


 Fourth (fun) adjustment: I added a ribbon on one side to make a strap. I can never find anything in my massive purse (or suitcase, as my Uncle Dickie likes to call it), so the handle was a perfect, functional addition.


And… voila! 


I really enjoyed this project. It was fun to be working on it in between Sunday’s and Monday’s other activities. And, now, my sunglasses will have a little more protection when I inevitably drop them … in a few minutes.


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  1. Momma permalink
    June 1, 2009 5:52 am

    Hmm…I recognize that plaid fabric from my basket in the front closet. I wonder how long it’s been missing.


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