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Charge me up

June 9, 2009

My weekend was full of activities!

I arrived in Louisiana on Friday night and drove straight over to meet my childhood friend April’s new baby Violet. I was moved to tears to see my best pal since kindergarten as a mommy. It was so surreal to me to think of all the years April and I have been friends and now she had created this beautiful little person. Such a wonderful experience. And Violet was quite the cutie.

Kate and Violet

Then on Saturday and Sunday, my family worked hard to clean out Maw Maw’s house . . . not a small task. (If any of you are near Ponchatoula on the first of August, come by our yard sale!) 

In our cleaning, we found Maw Maw’s “charge card,” a metal plate that she used as a credit card.

Charge Plate front

It was such a neat discovery, especially because Maw Maw had kept it so many years. Even though the charge plate spelled “Ponchatoula” incorrectly, it was so neat to see. I used a penny in the below picture to show you how small it is.

Charge Plate back

I wish I knew a little more about it, especially the age and where it could be used. Regardless, it was the best find of the weekend!

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