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Red used to be my favorite color

July 6, 2009

lobster schmate

I think what frustrates me most about a sunburn is that it screams immaturity. Any smart, responsible girl would know to apply sunscreen when she knows she’ll be going to a festival, in the middle of the day, in July. What is especially awful are the ramifications of the idiocy, which are felt for a number of days after said stupid decision.

JD and I got burnt chose to be abused by the sun pretty badly on Saturday at Nashville’s third annual Hot Chicken Festival. Luckily, for JD, he wore a t-shirt, although the tops of his feet, which were unusually pale from being covered with cleats during softball games, got scorched from pale to hot pink. I was burned mostly on my shoulders and back. We’ll both be paying for our fun for the rest of the week; sunburn + work clothes = ouch!

This is a great opportunity to talk about the new love of my life, Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother, a wonderful creation that housemate Claire gave me in sympathy. She used it on her honeymoon in St. John, and she’s right: it absolutely does the trick.

burts bees

How great is Burt’s Bees? I mean, I love this company. I’m a huge fan of their foot creme, along with their green tea and lemongrass hand soap. Now that they have an “After Sun Soother,” I’m completely sold. I’ve been less than thrilled with the selection of smelly aloe products out there, and this guy does the trick while allowing you to smell great too!

Anyone else have other ideas for my poor burned skin?

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