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Feather Round Up

July 8, 2009

So, I was browsing on some of my favorite blogs today and found this stack of rings on the Hey*Susy blog. Sooooo nice.


As you know from here and here, I love feathers. But then I checked the price (high!) and availability (sold out!). So, I roamed around Etsy to find something comparable and landed on another item that I liked, even though it too was out of stock:

Bent Brass Feather Ring by Erica Weiner Jewelry

bent brass feather ring

Oh well! I’ll just keep an eye out for it. Here’s a round-up of other feather items that I found while searching:

Gold Feather Pin from Designs by Julie ($8)

feather gold pin

The Candy Thief’s Feather Band for $30.

feather band

Indian Princess T Dress from Whiskey Dog Print Shop ($20)

indian princess dress

The Yoki Headband Collection ($20) from Flock Accessories (this shop is all feathers!)

yoki headband


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