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Sprout Home

July 22, 2009

Are you ready for a whole host of recommendations about Chicago? Well, tough darts, you’re getting them anyway.

On Saturday, we decided to venture to the Wicker Park / Bucktown neighborhood after some research on the city. It had tons of boutiques and one-of-a-kind shops that I wanted to check out, and JD was kind enough to accompany me.

I used the Chicago City Guide from the Design*Sponge blog as my main source for research. The site’s guide was absolutely right about one particular stop, Sprout Home:

If I was forced, like Sophie’s Choice, to pick a favorite Chicago store, it would be Sprout Home. I cannot get enough of owner Tara Heibel’s excellent taste in plants, eco-friendly furniture and amazing accessories from local designers. Be sure to say hello to Tara’s friendly dog, Grifter.

I saw that and immediately knew I’d want to go. Among other things, who wouldn’t love a store dog?


Unfortunately, we didn’t meet Grifter, but it was one of my favorite stores all weekend. There were neat homegoods, plants, planters, watering pails, and chimes. Plus, they were selling massive jade plants, my favorite houseplant. (Yes, I have a favorite houseplant.) Most items in the store are also available online.

We ended up buying a can of easy-grow hops for Graham, our beer-making buddy,

 canned hops

a mint eggling that I had wanted for a while,

 my mint eggling

and a beautiful runner which I plan to stick on our kitchen table.


my runner

Keep an eye out over the next few days for our other Chicago purchases and stops!

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