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Friday Feast: Lou Mitchell’s

July 24, 2009

lou mitchell's

Ok, yes, this is a cop-out of my normal Friday Feast. But I did not get around to cooking something fabulous for you this week, so I’m showing you the awesome breakfast we had while in Chicago.

JD and I are huge fans of breakfast. I believe this is an understatement, but basically, we’d have breakfast foods at any time of the day. We love eggs, sausage, toast, pancakes, bacon, French toast, grits… the breakfast spectrum. So in college when our friend Riley took his seven closest friends to Chicago for his 21st birthday and introduced us to Lou Mitchell’s, JD and I knew that we couldn’t pass up this famous eatery on our anniversary weekend. (Side note: on said Chicago college trip, JD and our friend Micah got a picture with Tyson Chandler, then with the Chicago Bulls, after he dined at Lou’s. Obviously the restaurant holds a special place in JD’s heart.)

Lou Mitchell’s is known for their coffee (which is much better than I remember in college), giving each table a box of Milk Duds with their menus (see my meal picture below), and freshly baked donut holes to patrons waiting to be seated. (Ahem, I might love donuts.)

On Sunday after rolling out of bed and checking out of the hotel, we hopped on the 151 CTA Bus to Lou Mitchell’s. Below are the photo highlights.

Here’s cutie JD at the sign on the front door. It reads, “NOTICE: Any suggestions from customers will result in an additional charge on the check of .50 cents. Any criticism will cost $1.00.”

sign at lou mitchell's

My meal: French toast, bacon (split with my bacon-lover husband), coffee and Milk Duds. (Also in the dish are an orange and a prune, given to each customer.)

lou french toast

JD’s meal: a Denver omelette (with cheddar cheese added), hashbrowns, a side of raisin toast and coffee.

lou omelette

Needless to say, we were full all day.

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  1. MamaStu permalink
    July 24, 2009 4:31 pm

    Looks very good! Yum!

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