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July 29, 2009

This week is the start of crazy happenings in my personal life… trips, events, and guests. Then, when my personal life settles a bit, my professional life will stand up and smack me in the face! So, my posting will be spotty for the next month, and I apologize.

My coping mechanisms for dealing with busy times, I have found, appear in various forms of procrastination. When I don’t know how to tackle my jam-packed “To Do” list, I surf blogs in my Google Reader and poke around on Etsy, until I muster up the willpower to begin.

On Monday night, while delaying doing laundry and ironing, I found a few mobiles that really caught my eye. So, to make myself feel better for my laziness, I instead tagged the mobiles as Favorites and decided to show them to you here on Schmate, thus (kinda) justifying my Etsy surfing!

In all seriousness, I really love mobiles. I think they are such fun items, even for people without babies! A year ago, I talked about a few mobiles I had found from Lupin and Frazier & Wing. Here are a few more I can add to my mental mobile collection.

These two are by Mykonos:

Lonely Hearts and Birds Mobile for $30

lovely birds and hearts mobile

Cute Cloud mobile for $24

cute cloud

Feather Mobile by Caitlin Keegan for $40

feather mobile

Constellation Mobile by The Wonderland Studio, $78

constellation mobile

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