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Friday Feast: Sweet Tea Vodka

July 31, 2009

Well… I have yet to do an alcoholic drink on Friday Feast, so why not today?

I don’t like experimenting too much with alcohol. I have a few go-to drinks that I tend to stick with. For beer, I’ll choose a Blue Moon (thanks, Mary Nite!). For wine, I like a smooth red zinfandel (thanks to Mr. Mitchell). And, for mixed drinks, if it’s not a margarita, I always request an Amaretto Sour (much obliged, Courtney Morgan!). Can you tell I accept recommendations?

So, when my coworker Margaret recommended I try this new sweet tea vodka from Firefly, I was quite intrigued. Margaret and I have very similar tastes in clothing and blogs… why wouldn’t we also love the same alcohol?

Now, when you ask me what I like on a hot summer night, I’ll say…

purity makes everything better

 Alcoholic Sweet Tea


Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka






  • Put ice in a glass and fill it 1/3 way with vodka.
  • Pour 1/3 glass of water.
  • Top off with lemonade and stir.
  • Add lemons and mint to garnish.


liquored up sweet tea!

PS: Don’t drink and drive!

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