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The Fabric of our Lives

August 25, 2009

I often forget this, but Etsy is a great place to buy crafting supplies. (I detailed some of my favorite supply shops a few months back.) Lately I have been looking around at Etsy fabric sites, somehow convincing myself that if I keep looking at pretty cloths, I’ll magically have upholstery skills. I’m still too scared to cover that ugly orange chair (you can have it back, Mary!), but I know right where to start when I’m ready.

(Click on each swatch for the link to the fabric.)

One of my favorite spots is Ms Fabric, but she’s closing up shop. Fortunately, she’s having a huge close-out sale of all her neat swatches.

alexander henry aqua jeweljoel dewberry black eyed susanochrechestnuts

 Swankyswell is another favorite of mine:

raindropsdoilezpompon dahlia

Fresh Squeezed Fabrics has a huge selection as well as bundles of different fabrics:

wide stripe pinkdots in celerybloom in sand

Fabric Supplies is one of the top ten sellers on all of Etsy. They have had over 33,000 sales:

timeless treasuresamy butlerapple in cream

I also discovered this excellent site that shows color strips and where to find the fabric on Etsy that matches the hues shown.


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