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If the Shoe Fits

September 23, 2009

I spent my lunch hour detailing a big project that I finished, and just as I was spell-checking everything, I realized that I couldn’t possibly post it as-is, especially with my terrible photography! I promise to fill you in very soon.

Until then, I’m posting some shoe eye candy. Did you know I love shoes? I think like most women out there, I keep an eye out for new and neat shoes, although I tend to wear the same shoes over and over these days, choosing comfort over looking good.

Now that we are officially in Autumn (woohoo!), I am looking for some new cold-weather footwear.

These neat driving mocs are on sale at JCrew ($98), and I just might have to use the rest of that Christmas gift card….

leather driving mocs

What do you think of the new knee-high boots for the fall? These are around three-hundy found at Piperlime.

boutique 9 charissa

I love, don’t you? (If you haven’t checked out their interactive sale map, I highly recommend it.) While doing a search on a simple little flat, I found this pair by Nine West called “Naughty.” Not a fan of the name but definitely of the shoe:

naughty nine west

You’re probably saying “Enough with the pumps! I get it!” but aren’t these super cute? And, for $15 from Forever 21, why not? They are half penny loafer/half flat.

mindy pumps

I don’t know… I kind of like these. I guess I need my shoe-reality-check-buddy Della to tell me if these are awesome or not. Natural Antique Leather Willis Bootie for about $70 from Ruche… yes?

willis boot

While we’re talking about Ruche, I’m just going to bring these puppies up again… I mean, how awesome are these shoes ($50)?

moss green flats

Where else do you look for shoes? I am a big fan of Off Broadway Shoe here in Nashville, but I’m always open to new sites.

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  1. September 24, 2009 1:58 pm

    I own the Nine West “naughty” shoes in black – they are very comfy (real leather is key!) but if you have wide feet like me, the pointy toe gets uncomfortable after a while. Otherwise…2 thumbs up!

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