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Prix Prix

October 1, 2009

Whew! Sorry, everyone. The week has been so busy! September and October are event season at my job, and I’m in the midst of several programs at work. I’m thrilled to have a great position where I know the expectations and know how to do a good job, but sometimes the long days wear on me a bit. Schmate is taking the sidlines, so I apologize, dear readers!

The fun thing about event season, though, is that I get to dress nicely every day, and I finally debuted one of my favorite pair of earrings that I purchased during our trip to Chicago this summer: Prix Prix fabric bobs that I love.

prix prix

Mine are actually green, with white, black and light pink stripes, and I paired them with a white top and black skirt. I love them and actually got quite a few compliments.

Ironically, on the same day I wore them, one of my favorite artists Susan Connor, talked about Prix Prix on her blog. I looked up the Prix Prix site, Etsy shop and blog, and found some of Prix Prix’s other neat items, including wallets and necklaces, all made from old neckties.

I really like Prix Prix’s owner Laura Skelton’s style. (Also, I’m a sucker for neckties and love the days JD has to wear them to work.) Plus, she’s got a great eye for design. Here are some of the other products Prix Prix sells:

Plaid Wallet ($28)

plaid wallet

Necktie Wallet ($28)

necktie wallet

Necktie Necklace (currently not in her Etsy shop)

necktie necklace

Cufflinks (also not currently available in her Etsy store)


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