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Like a Boss

October 15, 2009

Tomorrow is National Boss Day, but since it’s Reunion/Homecoming this weekend and all of our office bosses will be very busy at board meetings, my coworkers and I decided to thank them the day before. Since everyone is so busy with all the events of the weekend, I volunteered to make the thank you gifts. And since some of you out there may not have remembered that it’s National Boss Day tomorrow, here’s a quick tutorial of what I did using things you probably already have at your desk … and it’s easier than an expense report!


Colored paper

Kabob sticks or popsicle sticks (pencils or a ruler could also be a cute variation)




Food or goody bag

  • Cut out free-hand stars (depending on how many bosses you have). The less symmetrical the star, the better it’ll look.
  • Cut out a comet tail for each star using a different shade of paper, and tape it to the back of the star.

Back of star

  • Color the wooden stick with a highlighter.
  • Tape the comet tail to the star, and write a little message on the star.

write a message!

  • Adhere the stick to the back of the star, then poke it into the goody bag. Or, in our case, use the twisty tie that holds together the goody bag, and twist it around the stick. (My original idea was a bag of jelly beans, and the stick could have fit firmly in the bag. But since we used cookies, I didn’t want to puncture the bag and make the cookies stale.)
  • Put on your boss’ desk, and know you made his or her day!


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  1. Zab permalink
    October 15, 2009 8:16 pm

    I wish my girls would treat me this nice.


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