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I heart Man Shops Globe

October 28, 2009


Does anyone else have the Sundance Channel? If so, have you seen the Sundance Channel original series, “Man Shops Globe”?

First of all, I never watch the Sundance Channel. I have no idea why. But thanks to JD’s excellent negotiation skills with DirecTV, we have it (as well as the ability to record it while we’re not at home).

Secondly, I love Anthropologie. Yes, it is a tad expensive, but I love the eclectic mix of items. I have a dress, a necklace, file folders and housewares from there. I can’t say that about any other store (except maybe Target). I was thrilled when Nashville got their own Anthro.

So, I had seen somewhere on a blog (maybe Design*Sponge?) that this cool show, “Man Shops Globe,” was recommended. This weekend, I watched an episode that was previously recorded where Keith Johnson (aka: “Man” from the show’s title) shops around South Africa, looking for items for Anthropologie.


What an amazing job! He finds small street vendors or little mom-and-pop shops and looks at their stuff to find his favorites. If he (and Anthropologie) find a vendor’s work fascinating, their business could sky-rocket! Imagine living in a small barn, making furniture with your family, and Keith comes along, takes a look at your benches, and asks you for a sample. A few months later, he orders 200 more. I think it’s so neat that Anthropologie sends out their guru to do research, and we get to see how he thinks!

Anyway, I love the show and if you happen to have the Sundance Channel, I would highly recommend watching it. I have “Man Shops Globe: Turkey” in my recorded queue, and I can’t wait to get a free moment to watch it. Caution: husbands may not be as impressed with the show as you are.

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  1. Stu permalink
    October 28, 2009 7:26 am

    Actually, my husband loves the show.

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