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Stella’s Kiddo Clothes

November 3, 2009

Lots of hype has been out and about on the blogs about Stella McCartney’s new line of kids clothes. I have mixed emotions about them, but overall, I think I like it. The muted hues, the subtle details, the classic styles… I bet I’d buy them!

It’s a little-person trench ($78) and tuxedo jacket ($78) for girls! So cute.

stella trench

stella tux coat

Check out these boots! So adorable (Duck Boots $58)

stella duck boots

A little man’s graphic tee ($24.50)

stella graphic tee

Sweet little corduroy ruffle top ($34)… love those pockets.

stella cord top

L-o-v-e these flair jeans ($58)

stella flair jeans

I’m not wild about this unisex Sgt. Pepper’s coat that keeps appearing in the promo ads, though. Yikes.

stella coat

So, what do other mommies currently with little tots think? Would you buy these clothes?

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  1. jauberry permalink
    November 3, 2009 11:07 am

    I like the boots- they are perfect for the six months of snow we have, but laces are any mom’s nightmare for kids under 5…..
    not excited about the graphic tee, I have to admit, I am never that excited about a graphic tee unless it is really, really special
    love the corduroy top….maybe one day I will have a girl who can wear it, although I have a feeling I am only going to have boys…..hmmmmmm
    the Sgt Peppers Cost is just scary though- I second the Yikes!

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