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Clustering Pictures…

November 5, 2009

In a sudden burst of energy, I finally finished a project that I’m particularly proud of. Yes, it may be a whole foot lower than it should be, but I think it looks quite nice.

As you probably remember from this February post, I didn’t really know what to do with a huge chunk of space above our kitchen table. I wasn’t really satisified with any of the choices that I had picked out in that previous post, mostly because they were way too expensive for my budget at the time.

Plus, I’ve always really liked clusters and “clumps” of pictures, like this example from Design*Sponge.

christie chase sneak peek

Also, in the meantime, I had gathered a series of pictures from different places (here, here, here and here) and I wanted a nice way to display them. So, I took THIS space….


and hung these pictures to make it look much better:


all set up

I used a great selection of muted, mostly black-and-white pieces. This one is the first run of my mom’s “Smoker” print.

mom's print

The others are a random selection, framed in an assortment of frames I’ve collected and bought over the years.

bacon and sun

camera feather

This picture below is an old piece of paper I found stashed away in my grandmother’s pantry. It’s the “Dolly Parton Diet” and it’s a ridiculous list of foods to eat each day. It’s really silly and makes me laugh!

dolly's diet

Finally, the below picture is a funny one I found of my grandmother and grandfather from 1969. My Maw Maw is the one smiling, and my Paw Paw is the one looking back at her. It just captures a moment and makes me smile.

the look

It is a fun grouping of pictures and a great test to my patience for measuring and arranging them in such a way!

Note: no Friday Feast tomorrow! I’m taking a break because I’m heading to Athens to see my old friend!


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