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Sick Day

January 4, 2010

You’re Sick notecard by Jean Francis Bean

I took an unexpected sick day today, and even though I felt pretty yucky, I was proud of myself for actually taking a day off. Usually, I suffer through the sniffles or a sore throat, and my quality of life is just… blah. But I had had a long, great few days with college friends this weekend, and I could feel the sickness creeping up on me. By Sunday night, my immune system had lost the fight. So, I took a bunch of naps, snuggled with Lucy the dog, and watched “Regis and Kelly” in my soft pink robe…. the way sick days are meant to be!

I downloaded my pictures from New Year’s on my computer last night, and I wanted to share one picture that I love because it’s the opposite of how I feel today! We rang in twenty-ten (I think that’s how I’m going to say this new year we are in!) with friends and lots of fun. If 2010 is going to be as remotely fun as it’s first few hours, it’ll be a great year!

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  1. Stu permalink
    January 5, 2010 8:59 am

    Your husband, while ridiculously handsome, is in dire need of a haircut.

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