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CB2, I heart U

January 13, 2010

Has anyone else received the new CB2 catalog in the mail recently? I got it over the weekend and really enjoyed looking through the pages. CB2 is a Crate and Barrel sister company, and although some of it is a little modern for the compromise that exists between me and JD in regards to our decorating tastes, I really like certain items that I could see us getting. Here are some of my favorites.

Check out this cool hopscotch rug! Can’t you see a little (or big) person having fun in your entryway? I love fun decor like this.

I instantly cracked up at these appetizer plates when I found them in the catalog. And they’re only $2.95 each!


I dog-eared the page with this twine floor lamp. It screams “classy” to me.

I like dramatic bedding (ours is actually a find from Crate & Barrel in Chicago… a fairly wild but strangely appealing design to both of us), and the same goes for this set. It’s so different… maybe that’s why I like it.

These cirrus bath rugs are wonderful. I’ve never been a fan of conventional, fuzzy rugs, but the texture on these are so inviting.

Finally, these chairs! Ever since our post-Thanksgiving IKEA trip, I have been drawn to these simple, colorful chairs that would be great for many spots in your house.

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