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Favorite Christmas Gift

January 14, 2010

I have decided to space out some of my favorite Christmas presents for several reasons. One, I am pretty busy at work and at home. Two, I want to elaborate on each one. Three (and the honest answer), I am worried I am going to forget about one of my cool presents after I post about all of them. But, we’re starting off today with my absolute favorite gift given to me by my favorite person!

So… do you remember this post, oh.. back in July? It’s one of my top blog posts and it was based around this feather ring (via SusyJack). I loved this set of stackable rings, including a cool feather.

But I didn’t love it, mostly because it was gold, has a lot of brown elements, and, well, way too pricey.

Then, in early December, I just happened to check the Bona Drag site again, and I found this ring: the silver, less clunky, more inexpensive alternative.

So, what do you do when you find something awesome like that, knowing you just won’t get it for yourself? You tweet about it!

Ok, let me back up a bit. Usually at Christmas, JD and I buy something together for our joint Christmas gift. For example, last year we bought our first set of furniture: a kitchen table set. This year, after Thanksgiving, JD and I decided we wouldn’t do gifts to each other this year. But, then, casually over Google-mail g-chat a week later, JD mentions that he did in fact get me a present, and it may actually be more than $50. Then over the course of the next few weeks, he begins to elaborately throw me off course in my mental guessing game. He even suggested we not go into the Frist Center gift shop during a visit because my gift might be in there. So, I’m thoroughly confused.

After my parents and uncle left from their Christmas visit, JD turns to me (it is December 23rd, mind you) and wants to know if I want my gift. (He can never wait to give me gifts! So cute!) I give in, and we go to the living room. JD promptly reaches down into my stocking, and there is the box with “Bona Drag” etched on top. I’m so surprised, so shocked, and so pleased that I immediately start crying. (I cry often, frequently from being taken aback.) It was in fact that awesome silver stackable ring that I wanted and had completely forgotten about post-tweet. Boy, he is good!

I just love this ring. It’s gorgeous. Good job, hubby!

Also, I want to say too that the customer service at Bona Drag is awesome, specifically Heather. JD ordered a size too big, so I emailed customer service, and they sent a prompt and warm response back within 24 hours. The exchange was easy, and I got the ring within a week. I highly recommend their company just for that reason!

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  1. Annette Stuart permalink
    January 14, 2010 2:08 pm

    That’s my boy!

  2. January 15, 2010 8:14 am

    Love the ring. I’m just a little surprised you didn’t go for the sweet nothing necklaces. Niiiiice.

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