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Shades of Black and White

February 3, 2010

Woo! Did everyone watch Lost last night? My goodness that’s an interesting show. I am excited about the last season and getting answers, but I suspect everything will not be resolved as thoroughly as I hope. Today, I stumbled upon this fun article on Etsy finds that referenced the show in some way. It was neat figuring out the connections.

It also led me to this cool shop by Wendy Anne Crittenden. Here was the piece they used in for the Lost-themed article. “Oil Spill” (See the reference?)

Even though Wendy’s work is out of my price range,  I still love her stark black on the white background. I went peeking around for more black and white images in Etsy and came across some nice pieces.

Boundstaff Press has this nice “Love Grows” Valentines Print ($30).

Love this sweet “Let’s Go Ride Bikes” print ($20) from 1canoe2.

Don’t know why but I heart this “Storm Trooper Calaveras” print by MisNopalesArt. ($10)

Finally, this is a nice black and white collection by Bridget Farmer Prints, especially her crow collagraph.

Thanks for going along with me as I did some searching!

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  1. February 4, 2010 8:04 am

    I totally looked at the pictures before I read anything, and said “eww, that looks like the monster from lost!!”. Glad I was right. I really like the bike picture. HeB.

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