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Today I Saw

February 16, 2010

Hello, everyone! I stayed home with my sweetie during the third (or fourth?) snowstorm Nashville has had this winter, and it was a very fun day. Today, I’m back at work, with an event tonight, and a four-day week ahead.

Tomorrow is the start of Lent… anyone doing anything special? My friend Alice is giving up chocolate and weekday wine, which is a big challenge, I’d say! JD and I decided that, in the weeks leading up to Easter, we’d go on a “TV Moratorium,” of sorts, where we will only turn on the TV four out of seven nights a week. Lately, the tube has been something we’ve just automatically turned on, whether or not there is anything on that we actually want to watch. I’m excited to intentionally take the non-TV nights and read, play board games with JD, or do things around the house. Maybe it’ll catch on and we’ll keep doing it well into the summer! (Don’t worry… playing Mario Kart and Wii is not part of the TV Moratorium, considering we’ll be interacting with each other, rather than just staring at the screen.)

I’m hoping to do a lot around the house this spring, and I’ll of course take you along with me as I work on different projects! One thing I’ve been focusing on here lately is enjoying every day, being joyful regardless of where I am in life, and remembering on bad days that this too shall pass. (Thanks, OK Go!)

One blog that seems to really get this is TODAY I SAW. I love this blog! Jill, who lives in England, draws on a postcard something she saw today. It’s part reflection, part whimsy, and a way to connect with her family and friends. She mails each postcard to someone, and it’s neat to get a glimpse of her life.

I love her reflection of the day and finding different and interesting things to draw. She really seems to be enjoying every day and documenting it as she goes!

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