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Personal Update

March 8, 2010

Heart Lights by Capow

Ah, hello! Yep… it’s been quiet around here, and my stats prove it! Sorry about the delay… we’ve had quite a lot on our plates here lately.

I spent most of last week, taking care of my Daddy who had spinal surgery the week before. He was a good patient, I cooked a lot, and we maintained a fire in the fireplace all week! It was actually a ton of fun. The night before I was leaving Louisiana, JD called to tell me his sweet Granny died that afternoon. She died peacefully napping, and the services would be this weekend. I got home Friday night, we had the visitation Saturday evening, the funeral Sunday night, and the burial Monday. So, I’m taking some time this evening to catch up with my home chores because I feel like I’ve been in another world for a week!

Granny was a very neat lady… JD definitely inherited her honesty, sense of humor and kind heart. She and JD’s grandpa were high school sweethearts and voted “Most in Love.” Here is their cute yearbook photo:

She will definitely be missed, along with her delicious cooking, her explosion of Christmas decorations each year, and her love for her family.

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  1. MamaStu permalink
    March 8, 2010 6:38 pm

    You are right, Kate, she will definitely be missed. Thank you.

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