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Lady in Red Shoes

March 11, 2010

There is this super-cute girl on my office floor who I see fairly regularly, and she always looks fashionable. I think she has some of the neatest clothes, and some of her pairings are really classy but edgy. Today, she is wearing all black with red shoes… simple but very nice.

Her outfit made me think: I love shoes, and I love the color red. But I don’t have red shoes. Something needs to be done about this.

So, here’s a round-up of some pretty red shoes I’ve found that are on the market lately. (Knowing me, though, I’ll just run to Off-Broadway, where I have a super generous gift card (from my in-laws!) and grab what they have because I. love. that. store.)

Yes, ok, out of my price range but I L-O-V-E these “Kellie Too” shoes from Kate Spade. ($295… ouchie!)

Thanks to JenLovesKev, I know a lot more about ModCloth, who has this very cute “cordial cherry” flat that is only $29.99. More in my price range!!

Recently, I spotted these on Zappo’s from Chinese Laundry (“Kasha Python”) for $68.95. Yes yes, I  know: ew, snakeskin. But, for some reason I really like them.

Can’t go wrong with Forever 21… here’s their Erin Bowtie Patent Pump for $18.80.

And a vintage find on Etsy from Decades for $60.

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  1. MamaStu permalink
    March 11, 2010 3:50 pm

    I like Red Patent Leathers with the bows after the Kate Spade pair. I wouldn’t pay that much for a pair of shoes, I don’t think.

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