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Life after college… does not stink

March 18, 2010

I don’t really talk much on Schmate about my salaried work, but I realized that you’d probably like to read something cool that I produce each year for graduating seniors.

My job at Vanderbilt is to make connections with students and alumni, mostly so that alumni can give real-world and career advice to students. I do a series of dinners, panels and networking events that make that in-person connection. The relationships that are formed are great for students: they meet someone in an industry that they hope to work in, they see alumni giving back their time, and they hear about how it used to be at Vanderbilt. For alumni, they benefit from feeling connected to campus again, reaching out to students in a non-monetary way, and being part of the bigger Vanderbilt community. Everyone wins. But a lot of what I do is local to Nashville, and many alums don’t get to help out unless they are in the Middle Tennessee area.

Soooo…. I found a way that alumni could help students with just an email! I created a “Life After Vanderbilt” guide for graduating seniors to read tips from young alumni who had just been through the post-graduation, real-world life seniors face after Commencement. (Anyone who has seen the movies Reality Bites or St. Elmo’s Fire know that your 20’s can be hard.) The guide helps relay experiences about money, moving, new cities, cooking, staying connected to friends, etc, that alumni want students to know! It was so great to see alumni giving genuine, caring advice to graduating seniors.

2010 is the third year we’ve published it, with minor tweaks. It’s a great resource, and I found that I even benefitted from reading some of the financial advice! Here’s the 2008 version if you’re interested in reading some of the tips.

I will be passing this out to students today and tomorrow at Grad Fair and just wanted to share with you!

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