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Love Laura George

March 23, 2010

I have a fun DIY project I’m detailing for you tomorrow, but until I have everything ready, I wanted to show you this fun print shop I found.

Today I was organizing a coworker’s going-away-lunch (in my affectionate role as office mom), and I slapped on this Laura George print within the internal email to advertise the gathering:

… with the followup: “… but Margaret is leaving.” Everyone loved the email, and I figured you’d want to see the fun print too. Laura George has tons of cool prints that I’ve considered snatching up for a bedroom decorating redo soon. Here are some of my favorites:

I don’t mind if I do… “Hug it Out” print ($20)

“Mustachios” … love the cute white beard within all the brunette ones ($20)

This “Noodle Cook” print is hilarious. I love Step 5. ($20)

This “Home” original drawing is very sweet. ($50)

“The Woods” print is also cool ($20).

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