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March 31, 2010

I realized that I have a pattern with Etsy shops I like. All of my “favorites” tend to be prints, jewelry, cards or clever tees. If you, dear reader, don’t like any of those, or prefer, say, oil paintings, I haven’t really shown you those cool shops. So, I’m going to try to go outside of my personal preference box, and find Etsy shops that I wouldn’t usually highlight. I’ll work on that in the future, and I’ll start off with a creative sampling. Ready to take that search with me? Ok, sweet, here we go.

Cute hemp dog collars by The Modern Pet

This wasn’t quite a stretch for me, because I love dog stuff. At least it wasn’t a paper product!

Very fun buttons by beanforest… now that’s not something I usually find and post, right?

Ok, maybe I have … here and here… but those were magnets, not pins!

Here’s some leg-warmers by miabaggali… something I never think to post! (But aren’t they cute? Too bad it’s Spring already!)

Party Poms? Ok, sure! These are from an Etsy store all about them.

Apparently, there’s a whole “Dolls and Miniatures” section that I never touch while looking around Etsy. But, I must admit, this little guy is cute!

Have you had enough yet? Ok, one more. How about a wind chime? I never use them because my hearing is so great that I am sure it would distract me. But, for everyone else, it could be quite relaxing. This is a pretty one.

Whew. That was exhausting. Back to regularly scheduled posting…

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