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All Aboard at the Art Station!

April 8, 2010

(insert shameless promotion of my mommy here)

Hey folks! Quick hello before I skip off to yoga class…. my mom, and her super cool Art Station (an art school for adults), just got a new website, and it is way nicer and quite interactive.

“But, I don’t live in Ponchatoula,” you say. “Why would I care about the website?”

Well, friends, check out the fourth tab on the screen shot. “Art Forum” is a way to ask questions about any art, or being creative, or anything you’d want to ask an artist. If my mom can’t answer it, maybe the calligraphy teach could, or another on her list of instructors. It’s a cool feature that allows Mom to be interactive with anyone, even if they don’t live close enough to attend weekly classes. (There are also Saturday classes if you want to make a weekend of it and visit her!)

I think the site is so much better than before, and the pictures are so fun to watch scroll through. It’s a fun environment, and it conveys that in the slideshow.

Also, if you do live in the area, Mom also sells art supplies. And, she’ll give you an ear-full on how to use them. :)

Anyway, please stop by the site. I bet you’ll learn something!

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  1. Kim and Zab permalink
    April 8, 2010 7:21 pm

    Thank you, Kate. I’ll send you a commission on all future class registrations. Oh, you’re already getting that in the will. :)

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