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Eva Juliet

April 29, 2010

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve highlighted a favorite Etsy shop! Sorry to disappoint…

Here’s a very nice shop that I found recently. I hate to be predictable, but it’s another print shop. Montreal-based Eva Juliet reprints her own illustrations, and they are beautiful. She also offers English and French spellings and product descriptions on each piece.

I love how she mixes calligraphy and drawing. Here’s her “Buttons” print for $23.

More calligraphy/illustration + spoons! (You know how I love spoons!) “Les Cuilleres,” $18

Ooh, scissors! ($18)

This project is fun. “One Year of Smiles” could be a fun print or a daily checklist. Very cool. ($18)

Here’s a unique outlook to “inspirational posters.” This print is $23.

Also, she has another store devoted to her handmade plush toys, Peluche, and they are so sweet.

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