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Water Conservation, Fellowship and Rubber Snakes

May 5, 2010


Meg Langford’s print “Broadway” on Etsy…. all net proceeds will be donated to Hands On Nashville.

Nashville was hit with some serious flooding after our record-breaking rainfall this weekend. Some call it the “costliest non-hurricane disaster in American History” and “the single largest disaster to hit Middle Tennessee since the Civil War.”

JD and I fared very well during the storm. Our home went untouched, and we thank God for a strong, sturdy, elevated house.

I have too many thoughts to share, but every time I sit down to write them, they aren’t eloquent. So, here are my trusty bullet points that are my go-to method of conveying rough stuff:

  • The flooding didn’t happen to a small subset of people. A very large majority of folks in Middle Tennessee were affected: my boss’ laundry room flooded, a coworker and our next-door neighbor had their basements flood, a coworker and our very dear friends’ whole houses flooded. (And those are just people I talk to every day.) There is serious widespread damage.


  • JD and I are so blessed with great friends and family. We got several calls, emails, Facebook wall posts and tweets, just with loved ones checking on us.


  • Twitter is a great invention for scenarios such as this. Specifically @nashvillest kept us informed when our radio was fuzzy, the cable was out, and our cell reception was spotty.


  • Over the weekend, the wind and rain was crazy. Our county was under a tornado watch most of Saturday night and early Sunday morning, so we kept our bedroom windows open to hear the tornado sirens when we went to sleep Saturday night. Things to remember: I am not the best at decision-making when the sirens go off at 5:30am. JD had several laughs at my stumbling around and my grumpy attempt to get in the closet.


  • JD and I went yesterday to help some friends (Will and Libby) whose home was completely flooded. Their whole neighborhood was ripping out ruined carpet and bringing wet items to the curb for trash pickup. In the four hours we were there, we had three complete non-neighbors/strangers come up and offer our crew food. (One group had a wagon full of fried chicken!!) Four sets of folks came down the street to just lend a hand, completely unaffiliated with the neighborhood. They don’t call Tennessee the “Volunteer State” for nothing.


  • Friends, food and fellowship can do a lot for your soul, especially after a long day of cleaning. Bonus points if you can add four (4!) friends’ cute babies to the mix. Side note: our house isn’t really child-proofed.


  • Nashville is under severe water conservation. The water that we have is clean, but we’ve been asked to shower every other day, not water plants, and no washing cars. Many local businesses are only using paper products. (Very cool that everyone is chipping in.) Around the Stuart household, we’ve chosen beer and wine over water. I’m sure it’s ok to take your vitamins with last night’s beer, right JD?


  • Belmont University allowed three days paid vacation for all of their employees to help relief efforts. That is so impressive to me.


  • For those of you who were worried for me that I might see some snakes while doing clean up for Will and Libby, here’s my one and only encounter. When I first arrived, I was asked to take some pictures of their house for insurance. I went all over the house, my ears alert for any scurrying of critters. When I went to the back of the house for more pictures, I turned to my left and saw a dead, mud-covered snake. (Everything in the whole area was mud- or dirt-covered, so this was not unusual.) I turned to yell for JD to help me back up into the house (the wooden steps from the backyard into the house had washed away), and I went right to Libby: “I can’t finish the pictures of the back. I found a dead snake.” She said she understood, went to check it out, and returned laughing. That was their rubber snake that they used to keep critters out of their garden. Phew!
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  1. Della permalink
    May 5, 2010 2:32 pm

    Super crazy about the flooding. We will wait until it all dries out before we move.

    There were four kids at your house? Will they be friends with Cole? You better get cracking on that childproofing, Cole will help you figure out where you are lacking.

  2. Kim permalink
    May 5, 2010 8:12 pm

    We’re ready to help in any way we can when we come up next weekend. Remember we Louisianians are old pros at this type of disaster. We can do-dat, dahlin’.

  3. May 6, 2010 11:12 am

    oh man! so glad you and jd and your home were protected. really nice to have a place to offer friends who need it. do you feel a little like job these days? ;)

  4. Andrea permalink
    May 9, 2010 9:39 pm

    Hey Kate–I have hardly been checking blogs lately and just got caught up on months and months of yours! So fun to see all the awesome things you have been up to! I’m looking forward to seeing you this summer :) and also to seeing a lovely sample of your calligraphy in my mailbox sometime soon.

    I read all the way back to your house tour and I absolutely love the beautiful things you’ve done in your house. Inspiring!


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