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Hammocks, thank yous, fixing everything, and Jon Bovi

May 13, 2010

Well, this is a random post for sure… I’ve got a lot going on. But, hopefully normal posting will resume next week. This week is Vanderbilt’s Commencement (which is always busy at work), and my parents are visiting this weekend (which is always busy at home, cleaning to get ready for them! heehee).

Last night, JD and I did spend a little time in the hammock after sunset. We had finished a bunch of yardwork and dinner, so we took our beers and our dog and just laid out in the hammock for a bit. It was really nice. JD snuck a picture with his camera phone, and the flash was soooo bright out there in the dark, so we closed our eyes for the pic!

Here are a few things I have found online lately that I thought you’d find interesting too:

***I love this blog: Teach a Man to Fix! It’s fairly new, and it’s basically a “helping hand to DIY beginners.” It’s a great confidence boost for newbies, and John Davis, the blog author, really fleshes out things like when your circuit breaker blows or, today’s post, selecting and using drywall anchors. I’ve been keeping up with it since its start, and it’s so interesting.

***Hanky Pancreas! How cute is this?? If you’re a girl, and you have diabetes, and you have a pump, you would love this fashionable case. JD has a pump and wears his like a pager, but I imagine if you were a girl, having a pump would interfere with your sense of style. But, now it doesn’t have to. Love this. Here’s an Instructables post on how to make one yourself, and if you’re not that crafty, you can buy directly from Hanky Pancreas.

***Who here loves McSweeney’s? Who here loves lists? Well, here’s a database of the funniest McSweeney’s lists. Great for a quick break and a giggle.

***You know I love thank you notes. But, Leah Dieterich is writing to everything in THXTHXTHX. Kinda cute and funny.

***I just got an orchid for my birthday in February. It’s beautiful and exotic. I’m still not sure how it “works,” but I’m hoping to keep it around for awhile. I recently found this very helpful tutorial on how to repot an orchid and thought it was worth sharing.

***Finally, I leave you with my favorite SNL band, Jon Bovi.

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  1. Heather permalink
    May 14, 2010 8:02 am

    I completely misread the title of this post, and thought I was going to be reading about HAMHOCKS. Which would have been equally entertaining, as far as I’m concerned.

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