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Friday Feast: Sides as a Meal

May 21, 2010

This post is definitely a feast, sans recipe specifics. Can you handle that?

When my parents were visiting last weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day a week late. I made a Mother’s Day Friday Feast that only my mother would love. See, my mom can’t have a lot of salt. Most people would find this frustrating because salt. is. in. everything. But, I took on the challenge and thought it was quite fun. Also, my mom is a huge fan of just sides or appetizers as a meal. So, here was our menu:

Steamed Mustard Greens (a favorite of hers)

Southern Black-eyed Peas and Rice (another favorite veggie of Mom’s)


Mustard Green and Olives Pizza (mostly for the non-anti-salt folks around the table)

Sausage Balls (a little Mother’s Day splurge and a family favorite)


A little random, yes, but very fun, and just a combination of crazy ingredients. I know Mom definitely enjoyed it.

And, our post-meal romp around the wet yard:

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