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KainKain you get me more readers?

June 1, 2010

I have absolutely no idea why, but I receive consistent hits on this website (ie: every day) from someone who is looking for Etsy seller KainKain. I’m not sure why she shines from other sellers that I highlight, but I am amazed at how frequently this post is viewed. So, since that post was posted almost exactly a year ago, I thought it would be timely to highlight what else is new in the KainKain Etsy shop (and in hopes to further increase my viewership!).

Super popular are these tablecloths that are just beautiful.

Red Hydrangea tablecloth ($26)

Orange and White Floral Grass Table Runner ($23)

Arcadia Leaves Table Runner ($25)

Brown Waves Table Runner ($26)

Black Lotus Napkin Set (I love love love cloth napkins!) $20

I’m not usually a fan of nautical symbols, but I actually like this placemat. (Set of 4 for $30)

Red and Gold Chrysanthemum Pillow Cover ($20)

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