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Jewelry Storage Request and Roundup

June 21, 2010

Faithful reader (and fellow Commodore alumna)  Heather emailed me last week with a special request:

I need you to do a blog post on jewelry organizers.  I can never find what I need when I need it, and I just have all of these random boxes and bags, it’s a mess.  I’m also not the kind of person who likes to have all her necklaces and earrings visible at all times.

I happily agreed to do the search for her. But this was a huge challenge.

I too have most of my jewelry in random places. I have a crystal bowl full of the earrings that  I wear most often, a drawer for my clunkier necklaces, another crystal stand for rings, and a number of jewelry boxes under my sink (one of which I absolutely adore… a gift from JD a few years ago). This is not a great solution for Heather, or me for that matter!

One thing I’ve seen recently is a jewelry “screen” of sorts, where all of your necklaces hang on display. I’m not a huge fan of this, considering I don’t think of jewelry as hang-able art. But, especially for visual people like myself, this is a good idea. (I know this isn’t what Heather is looking for, but I wanted to highlight it anyway.)

Or this antique printers drawer (on Etsy by Blue Bird Heaven)that is also quite cool, but not great for necklaces.

My mom actually has a huge roll-top desk devoted to all of her jewelry. I think this is a great solution, but only if you have a lovely desk to devote to years of jewelry collecting.

When I lived at home with my parents, Mom and I also taped small dowel rods (wooden sticks) in long rows along a drawer, hoping to separate the necklace strands and earrings. That was a great solution to my budding jewelry collection. (Can you tell us Zabbias are crazy jewelry people?)

With all of this in mind, the first thing I did was research on a favorite site: Unclutterer. There was a large discussion in their forums about this question, and some very ugly objects were discussed as “winning” solutions, *ahem* the Earamid was one.

One idea I did find was using a Craftsman Six Drawer Ball-Bearing Chest.

This big guy (currently at Sears for $290) was recommended in this Unclutterer post. On the bright side, it comes with a key which means your jewelry can be locked up when you go on vacation, and for the reader, she uses it as a side table next to her bedroom chair. This purchase would be a commitment. But, it seems to do what you need, albeit… ugly.

Other ideas I’ve read include putting necklaces in separate plastic Ziplock bags so that they don’t tangle with their fellow co-necklaces. Then, you could put the baggies in cigar boxes or drawers. This definitely has potential for me, since I could easily rifle through baggies.

As for other nicer options, if you don’t have a ton of jewelry, this Pottery Barn box is nice. It has a bunch of drawers and compartments.

And, here is a very similar version, on Amazon, for a third of the price.

I started thinking outside the (jewelry) box and started thinking of other things that were small that needed organizing. Spices came to mind. I’ve always loved this spice jar reorganization by Anna at Door Sixteen, but, although I’m completely inspired, it isn’t quite the perfect match for jewelry. But, what might be awesome are these magnetic custom spice racks found here. You could easily choose the right number of tins to customize your drawer. Plus, they’d stay together because they are magnets!

Also, how crazy would this idea be? Old books, with compartments inside for jewelry, like this one from Fiddleheads for Fiona. You could stack some books up by your dresser, with each spine indicating the color of jewelry inside. You would absolutely have to pair it with plastic baggies, but this is genius for a storage idea that is safe from burglars and “clutter.”

This is quite a random roundup, but this was a tough one! I’ll keep looking. If I were Heather, I would go with the ziplock bag approach with the large case or the magnet jewelry storage bins. Anyone else have ideas?

This was fun! Have anything else you’d like me to find for you? Perhaps I could make this into something more regular. Next week: table runners. (Thanks, Cheryl!)

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  1. Cheryl permalink
    June 21, 2010 1:04 pm

    Great post. I’ve been doing my research on this as well lately. In Colorado, I used a metal multi-tiered candle holder that I got at a thrift store. It was great for necklaces dangly earrings but didn’t work for studs or rings. Since my move to Seattle, my jewelry has yet to find a home.

    Here are two of my favorite ideas so far:


  2. Heather permalink
    June 22, 2010 10:55 am

    I feel sort of like a famous person now. Thanks K8!

  3. October 15, 2010 11:26 am

    Check out Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers!


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