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June 23, 2010

I like to post at least weekly about a new Etsy or online shop that I find. It is one of the reasons I think this blog has been successful for me and keeps you guys returning. I consistently am thinking of the longevity of Schmate, and one thing I still love doing and hope to continue is finding little-known artists and shop owners and highlighting their goods. (I know I post a little too much about print and jewelry shops, but I promise to work on diversifying.) I am more and more turned off by generic chains and department stores, and I’m hoping you’ll hop on the handmade train with me in the process!

This week, I wanted to highlight a successful shop that has beautiful, classic pieces: Inklore. I was first drawn to the shop by this cute “Grow With Me” chart for little ones. How sweet is this?

Other Inklore items I love include these succulent coasters.

I heart this linen bucket. Imagine what you could put in that cute thing!

Ooh! Inklore also has a variety of aprons, like this one.

I love the selection of napkins as well.

The Inklore shop also has a few nice pillows.

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