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Guest Friday Feast: Mexican Salad

July 2, 2010

It’s July! A new month! And, for you, it is a month full of Guest Friday Feasts. And who better to celebrate the month of our anniversary but……….

……. the very talented and handsome husband, JD!

One of the many ways we have made lemonade out of the unemployment lemons is the great help JD has been around the house, especially in the kitchen. Even though he’s not completely comfortable cooking, he’s definitely challenging himself with new and interesting recipes, and he’s doing really well. So far, nothing that he has made has been less than amazing. He knows what flavor combinations go well together, and he is a very thorough measurer and chopper!

So, to kickoff this guest series, I’m starting off with a quick salad he whipped up while making next week’s Friday Feast (salmon tacos… you don’t want to miss that!).

This salad is perfect for summer’s warm temperatures. Plus, I soon should be seeing some tomatoes pop up in my garden, and this is an easy way to use them.

Mexican Salad (by Rachael Ray)


 2 ripe avocados

3 vine-ripe tomatoes

1/2 sweet onion, sliced

Chopped cilantro, about 2 tablespoons

2 limes

Coarse salt

Extra virgin oil, for drizzling

  • Cut avocados in half, working around the pit. Separate the 2 halves. Remove pit and scoop out avocado flesh with a spoon. Wedge avocados and pile in the center of a large platter.
  • Seed and wedge tomatoes and arrange around the avocados.
  • Spread sliced onion over platter.
  • Sprinkle platter with cilantro.

  • Squeeze the juice of 2 limes evenly over vegetables.
  • Season with coarse salt.
  • Drizzle platter with oil and serve.

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